Monday, 2 February 2015

Exact or Estimated?

Identify 5 numbers from the website of your choice and answer the following questions as comments.

1. URL of website
2. The 5 numbers are..... (and the units/ context) (and whether they are exact or estimated)
3. The reason why the numbers are presented the way they were


  1. 1) URL:
    2) some 300,000 members (estimate) over 97% (estimate) including 35 from Singapore ( exact) . Over 10,000 people (estimate) over 700 gave their feedback (estimate)

    estimate is to easy to understand
    exact is for heritage or history

  2. 1. URL of website:
    2. The 5 numbers are:

    1) 93683 likes of the Gardens by the Bay on Facebook
    2) $8 to $28 the cost of the conservatories
    3) (+65) 6420 6848 is the telephone number of the Gardens by the Bay
    4) 18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018953 is the address of Gardens by the Bay
    5) 5,769 rated excellent on Gardens by the Bay by travellers

    1) There is an exact number as it is calculated by every individual
    2) The cost is important as if some people bring lesser if the number is estimated, they can't enter
    3) The telephone number is important as if it's estimated you might call the wrong person
    4) The address is also important as every single digit leads to a different place
    5) The number of ratings is calculated just like the Facebook likes

    4.200,000-estimate(Big Numbers thus estimate)

  4. 1.
    2.The five numbers are:

    1. 3.2km of beaches in Sentosa.
    2. 11 attractions in Imbiah Lookout.
    3.There are 20000 fish in Rainbow Reef of Adventure Cove
    4.There are 90 artworks in the Trickeye musuem.
    5. Ticket prices for Adults in Universal Studios is $74

    1.Estimated. There is little chance the beach can be measured that accurately to 3.2km.
    2.Exact. 11 is a small number and is not necessary to estimate.
    3. Estimated. The number is big so it is easier to estimate the number of fishes. It is also easier to read.
    4. Exact. Artworks can be counted easily so it is exact.
    5. Exact. Ticket prices must be exact or else people may feel cheated when they find out that the ticket prices
    are different on the website and the actual ticket counter.

  5. URL of website:
    The 5 Numbers:
    1. 1200 people - exact
    Reason: It is so that people know the capacity of that area.
    2. 12 min - exact
    Reason: It is so that people know the duration of the event.
    3. Over a thousand years old tree - estimated
    Reason: The tree is very old and it is difficult to get the exact age of the tree.
    4. Over 162,900 plants
    Reason: People do not need or want to know the exact number of plants in the place.
    5. Over 50 Dahlia cultivars - exact
    Reason: People do not need to know the exact number of Dahlia cultivars.


    The 5 numbers are:
    1) 26 - Exact. The size of the zoo in hectares is fixed and cannot change unless there are enlargement.
    2) 2 800 - Estimate. The number of animas in the zoo. It is exact.
    3) 300 - The number of species of animals in the zoo
    4) 1.6 million - Estimate. The number of visitors that visit the zoo yearly is not fixed.
    5) 32 - Exact. The amount an adult has to pay to enter the zoo is fixed.


    The 5 numbers :
    1) 93 689 likes on their facebook page - There is no need to estimate as facebook has already counted the number of likes
    2) 57 mins since the last post on the facebook page - The time is kept track of so that people know if the information they are seeing is up to date
    3)18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore - The exact address has to be given in order to tell people the location of Garden's by the bay
    4)018953 (postal code) - exact postal code needs to be give as it tells the people the location of Garden's by the bay
    5)300 000 people - 300 000 people visited the bay south garden in 2011 as a special preview in conjunction with the World Orchid Conference.
    All information above is accurate at the time of typing


    1. 93693 likes-exact-the number will increase as more people like the place
    2. 1000 species of plants-estimate-the exact number of the type of plants is not significant
    3. 9 years and above-exact-to make sure younger children don't enter due to safety reasons
    4. 300000 people-estimate-the exact number of people is not important
    5.18 marina gardens drive singapore-exact-toallow people to know the exact location of the place


    1. 93693 Facebook likes
    exact - Facebook records the number of exact likes
    2. 2,000-metres above sea level
    estimate - exact number is not needed
    3. 2km waterfront promenade
    estimate - exact number is not needed
    4. 1000 species of plants
    estimate - exact number is not needed
    5. 162,900 plants
    estimate - exact number is not needed


    1~ just 15 minutes from the city (estimate)
    2~ spread over 500 hectares (estimate)
    3~ see over 2000 homes (estimate)
    4~ nestled here by 2014 (estimate)
    5~ In 2010, Sentosa welcomed...(exact number(year))

    The no.s are :37years(exact),14galleries(exact),20000metre square(exact),over 1 million ...(estimate),financial year 2013/2014(exact).

  12. (URL)
    1)celebrates 37 years of promoting interest and creative learning in science and technology.(Exact)
    2)Over the past 37 years, the Centre has been a custodian of creativity and innovation (exact)
    3)housed in 14 galleries(Exact)
    4)There is an additional 20,000m2 of outdoor exhibition space showcasing the Waterworks exhibition, Kinetic Garden and Ecogarden.(Estimate)
    5)enriched over 1 million students(Estimate)

    The numbers which uses estimate is when it is the area of a space or numbers of people
    but exact is used for how many years they hosted events


    1.100,000 marine animals ( Estimate) To make it easier for the audience to read.

    2. 2800 species. (Estimate) To make it easier for audience to read.

    3.49 different habitats (Exact) To allow audiences to know the correct amount of habitats in the aquarium

    4.Enjoy 2 S.E.A. Aquarium One-Day Passes (Exact) To let people know the exact number of passes they would get.

    5. Top 10 photogenic marine animals at S.E.A. Aquarium. (Exact) To allow the audience to know the exact amount of pictures that will be shown.

  14. Jurying Bird Park
    1) 942,176 likes - exact(it will be calculated automatically)
    2)23 to 29oC-estimate(the weather is changing everytime)
    3)(65) 6265 0022-exact(to call the correct person)
    4)30 Dec 2014 - 6 Feb 2015 -exact(so people can know the dates for important things)
    5)Humidity : 65 to 95 %-estimate(the humidity is changing overtime.)

    1)They have enriched and educated more than 1 million students over the course of 37 years (Estimate;Exact)(this is 2 because 1 million students and 37 years.)
    3)Has 1022 followers on Twitter
    4)Has 40448 likes on Facebook
    5)Has housed14 galleries


    1.2.5 hours (Estimate)
    -Because that is the range of time required to allow the students to go around

    2.Maximum 25 pax (Estimate)
    -So there is range of people that can enter into the gardens by the bay

    3.$250 (Exact)
    -There is amount you need to pay for a grp

    4.1,000 species of plants(Estimate)
    -There is a range of plants

    5.Aged 9 years and above(Estimated)
    -There is kids between the amount from 1-9


    1. 93, 707 likes on Facebook -Exact- Facebook tracks every like

    2. 5hrs ( Facebook post) - Exact- People can check if the post is current

    3.Over 10,000 people visited the exhibition- Estimate- The number of people who visited the exhibition is not that important

    4. over 700 gave their feedback - Estimate- the number of people is not important

    5.Some 300,000 members of the public visited both WOC and Bay South Garden. -Estimate- the number is not important.

    1)30000 ants and termites (estimate)
    Not sure whether some anteaters eat different amounts of ants
    2)190 kilometres (estimate)
    The Amazon River will change due to seasonal changes
    3) children must be 1.06m to take the ride (exact)
    Parents will not bring their children who are shorter than 1.06 m
    4) duration is 10 minutes (estimate)
    The River Quest might not end exactly i 10 minutes
    5) 150 times per minute
    Some anteaters flick their tongue more times than that or vice versa

  19. Website:
    1. tourism sector currently contributes 4 per cent - Is an estimate as no one would want to know the digits after the decimal place since they are not of utmost importance.

    2. supports some 160,000 jobs - Is an estimate considering that no one would need and want to know the exact number. Also, it would be difficult, almost impossible, to track down exactly how many jobs there are in the tourism industry as our country is changing and growing fast day by day. So, new jobs in the tourism industry can spring up every day.

    3. Singapore welcomed 91,000 visitors - Is an estimate as the digits in the hundreds, tens and ones place are not important since they do not significantly impact people's views of the number. Also, the main point is the number 91, because to people, the number being near to 100, the number is very big. Adding the other numbers would be useless and may confuse people. Furthermore, the number of tourists may be disputed from different sources.

    4. 19 November 1997 - Is exact, as it was an important day to the Singapore Tourism Board, namely, this was the day the Board's new name and corporate identity were officially unveiled by then-Second Minister for Trade and Industry BG (NS) George Yeo.

  20. 1 URL of Website (Science Centre, Singapore's website):
    2 The 5 Numbers are:
    a) Ticket prices listed in the website [under Admission Charges]; exact
    b) "IMAX Movie (10% discount) [under Admission Charges]; exact
    c) "Passion card holders enjoy 10% off Science Centre admission" [under Promotions & Discounts]; exact
    d) "Our many interactive exhibits, housed in 14 galleries" [under About Us]; exact
    e) "enriched over 1 million students and visitors" [under About Us]; estimated

    Reason for:
    a) It must be exact so visitors know how much they have to pay exactly.
    b) It must be exact since the percentage discount affects the final cost.
    c) Similar to the reason for b, it must also be exact since the percentage discount affects the final cost.
    d) It is exact because there may be visitors who are interested to know how many galleries there are for them to visit so they do not miss out on anything.
    e) It is an estimate because as days pass, there may be more people visiting the Science Centre, and thus, they cannot constantly update the visitor count daily.

  21. URLs:
    1) 26 Public Libraries---->Exact number
    2)For 25 cents a month, any member of public could use the library and borrow books as well. ------>Exact Number
    3)Used by over 4000 visitors------>Estimated Number
    4)More than 40, 000 books----->Estimated Number
    5)With a contribution of $375,000----->Exact Number
    1) To list down an exact number of public libraries for reference.
    2)To tell people the exact amount of money needed to pay for borrowing books in a library per month.
    3)To give an estimated amount of people to show its popularity.
    4)To prove that there are a lot of books in the library to attract people.
    5)To give an exact amount of money the person donated to honour him.